Friday, 18 August 2017

Week 4 Term 3 Reflection 2017

For numeracy this week, because it is maths week we had a hub westamaths competition on Thursday.
We were in chosen teams for this activity and my team came 1st so we each got a chocolate bar. In my team was me, Callum, Lilly, Adi and Jemma.

For PrEP we had to start and finish our PrEP profile and letter. We had to write a letter to apply for a job in PrEP and our profile was about us. Here is my profile.

For reading we had to write down three keywords about whitebait and then find information out about that topic. My keywords were Life Cycle, Habitat and also Food. Here is the information that I found out about my keywords. 

For writing we had to get in pairs on work on our own and watch a video of Damian McKenzie kick the ball over the post. We had to write a piece of writing from two chosen perspectives. My buddy was Katelin. Our perspectives that we wrote from was a Crusaders fan and also a Chiefs fan. Here is our writing.