Saturday, 19 May 2018

Wk3 Percentages Workbook T2 2018

This week for numeracy we had to complete another percentages workbook. This time, I worked on what I got wrong last week and what I could improve on to get the correct answer. Half way through a slide I figured out that I had made a mistake and so I had to go back and fix up a couple of questions. I found it easier but a few questions I got a bit confused on. 
This week, one of the strategies I used was when you are finding percentages off a money amount you have to find the percentage of it and then subtract it off your total. 
Eg. 45% off $110 = $60.50
Start with finding 45% of 110 which is 49.5 then you subtract it from 110. Then you get your final answer. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Percentages - W2 T2 2018

This week for maths we have been focusing on percentages. At first I found this quite tricky but when I got the hang of it it was much easier. I learnt the trick that when you're wanting to find out 10% of a number you just move the decimal point to the left once. Eg. 10% of 248 = 24.8. I also found out that when you're wanting to find 1% you move the decimal point to the left twice. Eg. 1% of 248 = 2.48. 

Friday, 4 May 2018

Probability Work Book - T2 W1 2018

This week for maths we have been focusing on probability and ratios. We had to complete a workbook that our teachers had set for us. I got a bit muddled up at the start but then realised what I had done wrong and changed it, then found it easier at the end . 

Descriptive Writing - T2 W1 2018

It was a dark and colourful night at the annual carnival. It had been a busy day as the crowds had been continuously huge all day.
All that you could hear was the loud, blasting music and the rattling sound of the carts going along the coasters.
The bright ombre sunset was gleaming in people’s eyes as they walked over to get some salty hot chips and a melting ice cream as it was quite hot weather. The tomato sauce of the chips running down people's hand.
Over at the rollercoasters, hair is blowing everywhere and harnesses are pushing people back into their seats so that they wouldn’t fall out as they are going around the loop-de-loop.
As the night goes on many more dreary eyed kids are leaning against their parents as they are getting very tired after such an eventful day.
A huge amount of people are crowded around a ride taking pictures as it looks very much like the famous ‘London Eye’.
Families are looking up to their relatives as they are on rides with very scared and worried looks on their faces.
I spin round wondering what ride I should go on before everything starts to shut down. I then decide to go on a ride called ‘The Ride Of Doom’. I decide it sounds a bit scary at first, but take a deep breath and head into the queue, which is the size of   million adult giraffe’s necks. As I doze into a daydream I can hear people around me shouting, ‘Hurry up, move along, we want to go on the ride’. I wake up out of my doze and realise that I am actually the next person to go on the ride. I sprint along to get on to the ride when, a lady says to me ‘excuse me madam, but can I please have your ticket. So, I hand her my ticket and shuffle into the seats of the coaster cart. I pull the harness over my body to keep me in my seat. I can hear one of the operators shouting, “3,2,1”, and off the cart speeds, up, down, around, continuously, until it suddenly comes to a halt……… head is spinning. As I hop off I crash into a pole and fall backwards because of how dizzy I am.
As all the rides and food stalls start to shut down, people start to pour out of the carnival grounds, get into their cars and head home.

I am sure, many people would have had a blast of a day at the carnival!!