Wednesday, 12 July 2017

40BC Book Review


  1. Hi Rea
    I might have to read this book to get some tips on make-up because, surprisingly (haha!) I ma not the best in this area. I liked how you chose a non-fiction book for a change. I am sure Dad loved listening to it at night-time. I wonder what tips he picked up? Maybe you could include an example of some of the tips you got or liked.
    Love Mum

  2. Hello Reagan, it's your favourite sister Millah here.
    I do like to dance and also I love Maddie. I really like how you have set out your summary. What was your favourite part in the book?
    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Jessie/Millah.
      My favourite part was probably the tips parts of the book!

  3. Hi Reagan its Pyper from St Patrick's school in Greymouth. I really like the way how you set it out and made it interesting. But maybe next time you could write a bit about what you were learning.

  4. Hi Reagan Its Meesha From St Patrick's school Greymouth. I really like dance and its my favorite hobby. I really like the way you set out your book review. Maybe next time you could add something about what your learning

  5. Hi Reagan It's Leevy from St Patrick's Greymouth I really like your book review. I Love dance it's is my most favorite thing in the whole entire world. I also like dance mums and Maddie Ziegler She is like my inspiration. I Don't have any next time you could.. It was great.

  6. hi reagan it Neve from st patricks greymouth i really like the book you read i love dancing and i love Maddie and McKenzie Ziegler but maybe next time you could add what you were learning about


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